About Me

I am a complicated lady trying to live a simple life.  Following Christ and becoming more like Him is my goal, though as a sinful human I fail at this daily…thank goodness for His grace!  My husband of 20+ years and our four “furbabies”, Keegan, Laile, and Keyna are my top priority and have my heart.  Sadly we lost our eldest “baby girl” in 2016, Miss Madden and our eldest “boy”, Phantom just this June.

I have been a Training and Development specialist for nearly a decade now.  I served for 18 months on the Living by Design Ministries team as their trainer.  I’ve also guest blogged on several sites including Becoming Beloved and Rock Solid Faith.  My life can get very hectic as I strive for balance in work, family and leisure time. 

Born and raised in Georgia, I moved with my husband to southern Indiana where we resided for two years before deciding there was nothing “southern” about our location!  We had always talked of moving to Florida, so in 2009, we made that dream a reality.  He has his own bait and tackle shop and is a Master Captain.

Through my life’s journey and the journey of those in my circle of friends and family, I write about the experiences we all take on this ride.  The highs and lows, the good and bad.  All of them have potential to pull at our “heartstrings”.  I hope you will find enjoyment, encouragement and possibly comfort even in my words.  If you like what you see here, please purchase my book Heartstrings and Common Things for more reading pleasure!

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