Not so different…my friend Peter and I

Different ages Different Places Different Faces Same need for the Savior PIN

There are many characters in the Bible to admire and model one’s life after.  The characters I like best though?

The ones that are completely flawed and messed up. Like David. Like Paul. Like Peter. 

Like me.

I can relate to the trials and temptations they go through. I can empathize with the negative thoughts of self…whether I am really called to do this work or if God should have called someone else.

Peter especially resonates with me. He was faithful, yet doubted. He was eager to learn more about Jesus’ teachings. He was given to angry outbursts and rash decisions.

He swayed back and forth between proclamations of undying loyalty and outright denial.

And he was forever changed by the saving grace of the risen Lord.

As am I.

I see myself in Peter. I want to learn as much as possible about who Jesus was and is.  Who He says I am. And I yearn to serve the Lord’s “sheep”. 

Yet there are times when my selfish nature rebels against the quietness of the Holy Spirit. I want to scream the truth at people in my frustration for them to understand.

At the same time, I do not want to be labelled religious or “one of those” Christians. 

Though I myself proudly declare to be a “Jesus Freak” on social media and to those closest to me.

Like Peter, I sometimes wonder if God knows what He is doing, what He is talking about. I may not verbally rebuke (Mark 8:32, Acts 10:14) the Lord as Peter did, but the questions running through my mind voice the inability to trust as fully as I want to.

It’s the same thing. I am Peter. He is me.

We ALL are broken sinners, in need of a broken for us Savior. (CLICK TO TWEET!)

In Peter I am reminded that no matter how much I mess up the Gospel, God can and will redeem it for His glory.

So thankful all we really have to do is ask and believe. Jesus has taken care of the rest.

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Ammie's Heart

Writer with a heart for women...Christ focused, Bible centered...not perfect, just trying to allow God to use me for His glory!

5 thoughts on “Not so different…my friend Peter and I”

  1. Thank you for this encouraging post! A great reminder that we all flawed people with our weaknesses and problems, but because of God´s grace we can be everything God has intended us to be.


  2. Peter is also one of my favorites! Like him, I want to swing my leg over the edge of the boat and trust that Jesus will keep me above the waves!


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